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Itchy Skin

Itch, itch, scratch, scratch, scraatch! When your dog starts scratching frantically and excessively it's enough to make you scratch your skin! But scritchy-scratchy doggies are not the norm. Is it allergy? Skin disease? Mites? Bacterial skin infection, or something as simple as dry skin? You and your dog need to know. To help relieve dry, itchy and irritated skin, we recommend you use these soothing products:

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Honey and oatmeal is like soft, fuzzy slippers and hot cocoa. It soothes and makes dogs feel safe and happy, no matter what time of day or night or on the run. The spritz helps skin retain moisture and is safe for sensitive skin. Wonderful after-the-beach spritz, or whenever pooch needs some TLC. Beach bum dog no more.


The richly moisturizing power of Shea butter and calming, soothing properties of chamomile are just the thing on spa day to make your dog look soft, sleek and glamorous. Oh no, you say, you don't have time for spa day? No problem. Our bath spritz rich in organic ingredients is here to step in. Quick and easy to use as it leaves your dog smelling like a million dollars. Glamour-DOG on the run!

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A marriage made in heaven, this delicately luxurious spritz is perfect for those much needed calming moments. Whether life's been too busy to doggy spa, or it's just time, thanks to the soothing properties of lavender, this spritz will keep your dog feeling zen, smelling fresh, clean and classy. Pearls optional, bobby sox not recommended.


Skin conditions a problem with your pooch? Chamomile and Shea butter infuse together to form a protective bond against itchy, flaky skin and their ilk. The soothing and richly moisturizing formula revitalizes dull fur while calming the skin. Perfect luxury for delicate doggies.

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Honey and oatmeal soothes, heals and makes dogs feel safe and happy. This shampoo helps skin retain moisture, and is safe for sensitive skin. Wonderful after-the-beach shampoo, or whenever pooch needs some TLC. Exfoliates, cleanses and calms irritated skin. Beach bum dog no more.


Lavender calms and cashmere is pure soft, sweet luxury. This secretly indulgent shampoo treat deeply cleanses, calms and gives your lucky dog a super-soft and silky coat. Rich, calming and comforting... Just the thing for the dog in need of extra pampering, with a dose of tranquillity.