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Our shampoos, conditioners, bath spritzes and wipes contain an array of 100% organic ingredients and are available in fabulous, indulging formulas which blend science with nature. Whether spa-ing at home, on the run, or parading around the dog park, Fido will look and feel pet-tastic. 24-hour happy, healthy doggy luxury.

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Warm summer days are eternal with Mediterranean Sea Breeze Shampoo and Spritz.  Organic golden seaweed, honey and a hint of lavender are a magic spell that conjures the ocean and gives your dog the  soft skin and silky fur of the rich and famous, without having to lift a paw. Life is royal when a dog looks, feels and smells as good as this.


It's like its own tropical conga line. Coconut and vanilla go hand-in-hand. Decadent, moisturising, nourishing, happy dog-inducing... you get the picture. Now, with this shampoo and conditioner seductive bundle, your dog can get all the benefits of a tropical holiday within his own home. Doggy glow in one swift blow.

pumpkin patch shampoo and conditioner

Forget Halloween, this is where the real magic happens, with your very own bundle of pumpkin sweetened up with organic honey and sugar cane. With our shampoo and conditioner, your dog will always be looking good, feeling better and the envy of the dog park. Hey, your dog was born that way; pumpkin and sugar cane simply enhanced all features.

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