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Quick and easy, our wipes are saturated with natural ingredients and essential fragrance oils to nourish your dog's skin while leaving the fur clean, shiny and deliciously scented. Great for a quick wipe down, and for cleaning stained eyes, delicate ears, muddy paws and minor cuts and scratches.

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Need to soothe dry, damaged paws, or protect those precious paws from the Great Outdoors? Look no further than our intensely protective paw cream. Redolent with strawberries and fresh fruit, the cream contains 100% organic shea butter, along with soothing honey, strawberries and wild fruits. They protect against damage caused by rough surfaces, salt and hot asphalt. This cream should also be applied to any dry area to deeply moisturize and soothe the skin. It also smells amazingly good.


The tropics are strong in these wipes. Rich, moisturizing coconut and vanilla dance together to make your dog glow like a star, while keeping skin lovely and hydrated..not to mention smelling tropically fresh and clean, no matter what your dog's been up to. A few wipes and fur and paws are clean, lush, and smelling great.

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A marriage made in heaven, these delicately luxurious wipes are perfect for those much-needed, soothing zen moments. Lavender not only smells amazing, it's a natural calmer. Whether life's been too busy to doggy spa, or it's just time, these wipes will keep your dog clean, fresh and healthy.

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Refreshing papaya teams with healing, soothing aloe vera for a wipe that will leave your dog fresh and ready as spring. Perfect for freshening up after rolling about outdoors, and for wiping muddy paws. Your dog's fur, skin and paws will always be soft, fresh and hydrated with these fantastic wipes in your life.


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