Mediterranean Lemon and Honey

13.5 oz Organic Mediteranean Lemon and Honey Shampoo

Even in the darkest depths of winter, this rejuvenating luscious Mediterranean lemon and golden honey shampoo will brighten your dog's skin and fur while strengthening the coat. Its alluring scent will conjure images of poochy basking in the Mediterranean sun, quite possibly under a beach umbrella. Shine-enhancing, radiance-inducing, freshly scented and sought after.

5 oz Organic Mediteranean Lemon and Honey Instant Bath Spritz

Lively Lemon and golden honey come together to banish all thoughts of dark wintry days, all within a handy spritz bottle. It's like languid days upon a yacht that floats on an azure ocean. And fur gleams and glistens and is oh-so-soft to touch. Shiny, happy little puppies on the go.

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