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Organic Coconut and Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle

It's like its own tropical congo line. Coconut and vanilla go hand-in-hand. Decadent, moisturising, nourishing, happy dog-inducing... you get the picture. Now, with this shampoo and conditioner seductive bundle, your dog can get all the benefits of a tropical holiday within his own home. Doggy glow in one swift blow.

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Organic Italian Milk and Vanilla Shampoo, Conditioner, and Spritz Bundle

We're sure it was a cat who started the myth dogs don't like milk, because we know they do. Just like Miss Cleopatra, dogs love to luxuriate; and they do it well. In sweet Italian milk, enhanced with vanilla. What dog wouldn't want to wallow all day long, only to emerge like old school Hollywood? Your pooch's dream is reality with this fantastic bundle: shampoo, conditioner, spritz – all the modern glamour a dog could want.

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Organic Pink Grapefruit Shampoo, Conditioner, and Spritz Bundle

Pink grapefruit is lively, cleansing and is the secret of many a superstar dog! Fur that almost glistens and skin that says thank you for feeding me is something your dog can have... no matter whether it's a languid home spa day of shampoo and condition, or a quick spritz to lift spirit and make fur zing with health... this is the bundle bursting with energy and happiness.

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