The Royal Fix Club

Royal Pet Club has partnered with Animal Aid USA, a not-for-profit animal rights and rescue agency, to provide funding to animal shelters in low-income areas. A portion of Royal Pet Club’s proceeds will be donated to these shelters and specifically allocated to free spay and neuter programs for dogs.

Royal Pet Club will donate 5% of its profits as well as $2 for every new customer to support this spay and neuter program through Animal Aid USA’s veterinary partners across the United States.

Lorenzo Borghese, the founder of Royal Pet Club, believes that providing spay and neuter services for free is one of the best ways to avoid dog overpopulation. “If people would spay and neuter their pets, this country would be a no-kill country and there would be no need to euthanize a dog because of over population. To euthanize man’s best friend in order to control the population is simply barbaric and must be stopped. To stop this, it’s essential that dogs be spayed and neutered.” One unaltered female and her puppies can increase the dog population by 67,000 in only six years according to PETA. That’s why it’s important to spay and neuter, and why Royal Pet Club and Animal Aid are together leading the way.